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objets trouvés / lost & found
Documents, pictures, sounds, movies, collected on the web and elsewhere. Click the pictures to link to the files.
With my apologies to mainland Chinese readers who cannot access to Google video.







Action des muscles de la face
photo booth serie by T. Arrivé

Inflatable Boy Clams

> The 5 songs included on the double 7"single released by the San Franciso's girls band (1980)-mp3
> via

Moriyama Daido / Visions Of Japan: Paris

Le Sang Des Betes / Directed by Georges Franju (1949)

Photos of civilian gun trucks and Iraqi police-guard trucks

La Societe Du Spectacle / A film by Guy Debord

Andy Warhol in a Braniff commercial

"They like our girls, they like our food, they like our style" -mpeg video (2.1MB)

La Jetee / A film by Chris Marker

Gal Costa

sings "Milho Verde" (hot) -1973 >via wfmu

The Googlehouse


What Are You ?

Random Flash >via What Are You.net

William S Burroughs' Thanksgiving Prayer

The Communist Manifestoon: a Karl Marx/Walt Disney mash-up

"Mea Culpa" A Film by Bruce Connor

video for 'My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts' website -Brian Eno + David Byrne, 1981/2006)

Leigh Bowery / movies

The films of Guy Bourdin

2 movies by Stan Brakhage

dead link


A multi-layered, interactive wallpaper by Julie Verhoeven and Peter Saville

Captain Beefheart / live, Amougie 1969

Captain Beefheart / Spotlight Kid TV commercial

Palais Schaumburg captured by David Cunningham


Feng Mengbo - "The Technology of Slides Show"

Part 3 of "The Phantom Tales" project, Flash animation (7MB) -via Diacentre

Vivien Goldman - “Dirty Washing ” 12″ EP (1981)

Vivien Goldman - Launderette / Private Armies / Private Armies (Dub) (mp3s)

"Satan's Bed"
a twisted-movie's trailer featuring the young Yoko Ono


"Cut Piece" / Yoko Ono -1965

dead link

"Lips" / David Bailey

(quicktime) -via SHOWstudio

Jan Pehechan-Ho

a clip from the 1966 Indian film Gumnaam, performed by Bollywood music legend Mohammed Rafi -via wfmu (mpg file)

Otto Muehl (1): scan of a tee-shirt /"Oh Sensibility"

the movie is available here -via ubuweb (quicktime, 81MB)

Otto Muehl (2): portrait of the artist by courtesy of Archives Muehl (jpeg)

32 40'34.09" N, 117 09'27.96 W >google earth (jpeg)

"The Cut-Ups"

1966. 18' 45", Cinematography: Antony Balch, Screenplay: William S. Burroughs
Cast: William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin -via wfmu.org (mp4) 213 mb

2 movies by Yves Klein (via Yves Klein archives)
Yves Klein executing fire paintings - 9'00 1961 / Anthropometries of the Blue Period - 2'30, 1960


captures from a Spanish spirit's TV commercial (gif)

"The Sun Ra Pink Elephants mash up"

a mix of the parade sequence from Dumbo (1941) with the track of the same title by Sun Ra. -via wfmu


Ivory Coast's advertising clip for an insecticide brand


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